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About Us

Turkish Medical Pharma (TMPh) was created as a company in December 2018, and since that date we have materialized important agreements with International laboratories, to represent and disseminate products, devices, supplies and medicines in Chile and part of the South American what sayings Laboratories produce.

TMPh represents recognized Laboratories and Companies of Medical Devices and Supplies, that come from countries that have high levels of demand in the quality processes for their products, especially products oriented towards people's health.

Mission of TMPh

Become fundamental Business Partners for companies related to the pharmaceutical products, devices and medical supplies industry.

We will optimize the Strategic Supply of our customers, who will obtain high quality products and significant cost benefits.

Encourage international laboratories to enter and compete with their products in markets where you have no commercial presence.

Our View

The Pharmaceutical Market, Public Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers and Laboratories constantly require having suppliers that offer higher quality products at better prices.

Through the Representation of Important Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Producers of Medical Devices and Supplies, TMPh offers its customers High Quality products with significant benefits through cost reduction, achieving a competitive advantage within the market in which our customers participate .

Turkish Medical Pharma
Improving the Health of People is our main objective.To achieve this, we represent important international pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturers of medical supplies and devices.
Our Focus
Strategic Supply for the Pharmaceutical Products Industry, Medical Devices and Supplies.